Lindsey Rogers-Seitz


Author, speaker, attorney, mental health advocate and consultant.

Lindsey Rogers-Seitz struggled with manic depression through young adulthood, law school and as a practicing health care M&A attorney. She has found psychiatric disability initiatives to be lacking in many law firms, which inhibits success of attorneys struggling with mental illness and increases the rate of attrition. Through research and creative thinking, Lindsey has developed a program to help law firms and other businesses build infrastructure to better support those with mental illness and increase diversity within the organization, in order to expand the collective brain power of the business.

Consultations May Include: 

  • Assessment of existing infrastructure to support those with psychiatric disabilities and development of related work plan.
  • Speaking program geared toward reducing stigma in the workplace and empowering employees to take control over their career and reach out for accommodations and assistance. Break the Silence.
  • Provision of training programs regarding DEI and unconscious bias as they relate to psychiatric disabilities, as well as education of employees on the realities of mental illness, how it may affect those suffering in the workplace, and ways to deal with related issues head on, in a compassionate manner.
  • Development of support programs.
  • Enhancement of understanding of accommodations that may enable employees to remain in the workforce.
  • Related life and professional coaching.


Lindsey Rogers-Seitz Photo Speaker

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