Mental Illness Advocacy Center

What is MIAC?

The Mental Illness Advocacy Center was founded by Lindsey Rogers-Seitz, attorney, author and outspoken advocate for awareness around serious mental illness and policy change in the United States. We intimately understand the struggles faced by those with serious mental illness and have expertise in historical practices surrounding mental health in the United States, as well as scientific research, policy and the legal backdrop.

MIAC is the first of its kind in offering unique services to the mental health community through pro bono and low-cost legal representation and free advocacy services.

Feel free to reach out to us with your needs, and we can find a solution.

MIAC Services Offered

Mental Illness Advocacy Center

Legal Representation

We can support you in criminal proceedings, civil commitment proceedings, and any related civil lawsuit.

Additional services are available.

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We go far beyond just legal services.

We can serve as an advocate in almost any capacity to meet your specific needs.

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