Giving Thanks for a Love That Transcends

"Mountains are giant, restful, absorbent. You can heave your sprit into a mountain and the mountain will keep it, folded....mountains are home" - Annie Dillard

Our first run together amongst the mountains,

the towering backdrop, a majesty which spoke to us,

This, is your truth of Thanksgiving:

Ben, is all around you, the energy of this day,

the laughter,

the sun's rays, vibrating,

you are free, together, now.

Red dirt, firm beneath your feet,

your eyes sharing pure joy;

all that you feel, he is, transformed.

Just say Hi, we love you, meet us here.

He will come.

Each became your child in an instant,

upon the first glimmer shown out of the spinning darkness above.

You saw Heaven in their eyes, and a truth was formed of

unconditional love.

Your arms, cradling, reassured them

I will protect you.

The gift of parent to child, an unbreakable bond;

They are entrusted to you, and to you alone.

The breeze off the peaks, whispering, Can I tell you a story of times past?

A country borne out of rugged individualism and self-reliance,  

a people in search of their God-given freedoms.

They bowed, thankful this day for bounty, selfless giving, love, and hope;

so shall you, go give thanks for the gifts they have forged for you over time -

A voice, all women, children;


Parental rights, established beyond debate, as fundamental;

Marriage and family decisions, held as core to American society;

All sheltered against state usurpation and disrespect.

            Love; strength; family; faith.


The vista provided a moment of peace; yet,

I could not speak, as they ran ahead, innocence abounding;

their feet pounding the rhythm of my truth this Thanksgiving day --

You were given to me out of all that is holy;

I would suffer for you unconditionally;

to give you that which you deserve;

to protect you;

to build your future;

this moment, on this day,

as we laugh, run, hug,

I am yours;

this is your peace.

And, you are mine, and mine alone.

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving. Today, I give thanks for a love that transcends time and space. I give thanks for the right to love as I see fit, to parent my children in their best interests, and to speak, as a strong woman, wife and mother. You all have rights and voices. Let them be heard.

God bless this day.

I love you, Kyle. Today and always.