The Gift of Ben

This will be a short blog. It is meant for July 7th, the one-year anniversary of my Ben's passing. But, I probably won't be able to type it I'm posting it a day early. 

I checked my blog email today and am so very overwhelmed with joy. You have no idea how much those amazing words mean to me today, from nearby in Connecticut to places across the nation. I needed to read those messages so very much today, as my heart aches in many ways. 

In memory of Benjamin Jacob Seitz, I ask you to do one thing for me on July 7th: Share the love, his love. Choose someone that touches your heart or needs you. It can be someone you love and care about deeply, someone you have lost or from whom you have grown apart, someone who is suffering, struggling or in pain (even if you don't know them), or simply a person you want to tell "I love you." Call them, text them, email them, stop by to say hello. Or simply hold a positive and loving thought of them in your mind and heart. They will feel it. 

That is all I want for tomorrow. Love, love love. The amazing, profound, deep love that Ben has taught me. I also want everyone to do something that has been very difficult for me over the past have this one day where you set aside any feelings about yourself that are negative. Use it as a day to take a deep breath and love yourself too...all of yourself, each and every imperfection, your mistakes, your potential, hopes, fears, dreams. It is beautifully human to be imperfect, and those who accept you for who you are will love all of you fully and deeply, even the imperfections. Be okay simply being you!

Give your family, especially your kids, friends and anyone else you love a huge, overpowering HUG and tell them you love them. That hug I want to give Ben tomorrow but can' guys take it and send it around. Share the love!

Much love to each and every one of you!