Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy 7th Birthday to my spunky, sweet daughter!

I wish you all the comfort, happiness and love that you have brought me since the first moment our eyes met. Sometimes I conjure up that image in my mind....the nurse laid you in my arms and your brown eyes looked up into mine. Now that I've seen what your role has been in my life...my spiritual counterpart in ways...I often wonder if your eyes were trying to say "Hello world! We're finally together now, mom, and I'm ready for us to share this journey together. I'm here for you!" You and your sister have played important roles in getting me through the past year. I needed you both in different ways. In the often surreal way we are connected, I can honestly say I sometimes feel as if your soulful, exuberant energy has kept my heart beating at times. 

As you said lying in bed one night, "Can't you feel it mom? There is something connecting our hearts!" 

Yes, love, I do feel it!