Racing in the Rain

I've found myself writing and working on my deck most of the week, enveloped by an array of sunshine and eighty-five degree days. Much like the weather, throughout life my moods have risen and fallen in quick succession. Like most people, I find it easy to be joyous, motivated and exuberant on the sunny days, especially those of Spring. One thing North Carolinians know, though, is that one day of beautiful sunshine can be followed by torrential downpours. Flash flood warning, the television blared as we got out of bed this morning. It is getting down to nitty gritty time for me, leading up to my May launch, and I've put off setting up an office, now that my work equipment has been shipped back to my previous law firm. Articles and essays need to be written, proposals must be put together, there are emails to read and send. So, I was determined to make it to Best Buy this afternoon, despite dire warnings.

When I arrived, the rain was falling in solid sheets, angled by the wind. But, I was determined, since this was the start of my new life. Today was the day. I sucked in my breath, jumped out of the car, put my head down, grabbed my umbrella for a bit of protection and ran. Through the puddles and across the parking lot, by the time I made it inside my shoes and jeans were soaked and my curly hair matted down.

With shivers running up my spine, I found what I needed in ten minutes and checked out, looking through the front window only to find an even stronger deluge. I placed my monitor and bag against the wall, grabbed my phone to check texts and emails and plopped myself down in a corner right beside the glass doors. Do I run again? Do I sit and wait? Will it ever let up? I wondered. After checking the radar, I decided there was a lull and made it back out through the puddles, rain squeezing out of my soles as I jumped into the car.

Earlier in the day, with the lighter rain showers abounding, Riley and I had walked into Panera for breakfast. I'd been particularly happy this morning, after a long few months, and a little light on my feet with hope for the future. I jumped the puddles and felt like dancing a bit, but I made the best choice to keep it in my chest to avoid embarrassing my sensitive 14-year-old daughter.

This afternoon I've thought much about the changes in life, moods or otherwise. Have I always made the right decisions? No. How do you know how best to respond to the events and fluctuations life throws at you? You don't always. There will be a time for putting your head down and racing in the rain when you just need to get through it all, and a time for dancing in the rain, to celebrate surviving. There might also be a time for being smart, staying in bed, and listening to the rhythm of the rain beat against your bedroom window.

The one thing I do know is - you are bound to get soaked.