Warning! This post is a momentary departure from my normal blogging style. It will have no serious existential or literary purpose...but I just need to say...

We are going with friends to see Darius Rucker at an outdoor venue tonight!!! I'm so excited : ). 

Okay, so I may tear up when he sings "It Won't Be Like This For Long," since that was one of my "Ben songs" (the songs I streamed on my iPhone as crying therapy after he passed)...but otherwise, our group will be the ones screaming "HOOTIE!" in the audience. I'm sure Darius Rucker hates that. 

I may also be the one screaming at the top of my lungs "I'm from South Carolina!!" Oh the memories of driving around our little Southern town in my Green Jeep Cherokee listening to "Let Her Cry" and crushing on boys during my teenage years.

The only serious comment I can muster today is...even in the depths of grief and trauma...allow yourself to take those random good days and laugh, sing, dance, enjoy your friends...IT IS OKAY to smile...life is too good not to enjoy again.